"Zuma Gold"

"Zuma Gold"

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Evoking thoughts of sand still warm from a midsummer's day at the beach, Pierce's "Zuma Gold" harkens the viewer back in time to a beautiful sunset when all was right with the world. Just out of frame are beach balls, children, and merrymakers of every sort, bidding farewell to a perfect day. 

Staying true to the monochromatic color scheme he loves so much, Pierce is on the other side of the color wheel with this work. Glowing from within, this piece will add warmth and fond remembrance to any room. 

This piece is a museum quality photograph on canvas, created and signed by Pierce in his Santa Barbara studio. It is unframed and shipped in a fine art tube, to be framed by the collector. This piece is eligible for 10 day free return shipping.

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